Our Team

Matthew and Megan Petrey

Matthew grew up in Miles, Texas and moved to Lubbock, Texas in 2008. He began working in the green industry in 2010 to support himself while going to college. Over the following decade, what was just a job to make ends meet became a passion. While studying Biology, Matthew developed a love for native landscapes and their role in the health of the local ecology. 

In 2019 after moving from the green industry to a sales position in another industry, Matthew really missed having a job that allowed him to spend much of his time outdoors serving his community. He quickly began taking on small jobs that he could do on the weekends as a creative outlet and to make some extra money for his family. As the Covid shutdowns began, Matthew saw a more immediate need for the people in the San Marcos area to have access to green spaces to enjoy while also creating more habitable spaces for local wildlife. His primary vision for Broken Oak would be that it would be a family business that serves God by serving the community and helping others steward the local ecosystem. He has since grown a business that provides living wages and continuing education for multiple families. 

Megan is a landscaper by proxy. Matthew’s excitement about all things landscaping was infectious and she has learned a lot of the ins and outs of the green industry from him. Megan grew up in Lubbock, Texas and in 2017 the Petreys moved from Lubbock to San Marcos so she could study Biology at Texas State. She has a deep love for Botany and serving others. Together Matthew and Megan are raising five fiery, nature-loving girls and their boisterous pup.

As the business continues to grow, Matthew and Megan hope to add more ecosystem boosting features to Broken Oak Landscaping like bee keeping and a native nursery.